365 Global is a “Partner of Choice” for companies focused on achieving large and rapid gain in top-line revenues and market share growth; a business process consulting, and sales outsourcing firm offering “full-service” Sales, Marketing, finance and Management services. We maintain the expertise, best practices and diversification necessary to address all aspects of our clients business and we maintain a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) across diverse Sector industries and disciplines.

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Business Representation
For Overseas Investors
Key Services
Business Representation

365 Global is the only firm offering complete, Managed | Outsourced end-to-end sales and marketing solutions including customized consulting, hands-on delivery of targeted sales acceleration services and comprehensive outsourcing programs.

For an overseas company, the market entry and market development in Pakistan is a considerable undertaking. Furthermore, due to the ever-changing regulations governing foreign ownership of businesses in Pakistan, it is always wise to involve expert help in setting up a business venture there. 365 Global has the local knowledge to help you navigate these complexities. Whether you want to set up a new venture in Pakistan, or just want to streamline your Pakistan operation, 365 Global offer a cost efficient and low risk Business Representation Services for Overseas Companies.

365 Global business Representation Services offer as a contact point for potential customers and business partners in Pakistan.  You will be looked after by a dedicated team of consultants who is familiar with Pakistan market and Pakistan way of thinking so that you can build up closer relations with customers and to improve sales opportunities. 

We are here to represent your business in Pakistan.

Cost efficiency – local Proximity to customers – Improved sales opportunities:

  • Basic Service
  • Additional Services
  • For Overseas Investors

 Basic Service:

  • Your Representative office in Pakistan
  • You will be looked after by a Dedicated Team of 365 Global Consultants who is familiar with the Pakistan market and Pakistan way of thinking
  • Handling of telephone, email and post inquiries and forwarding of incoming mail

 Additional Services:

  • Organizing your business trip and meetings in Pakistan
  • Organizing your company presentation / event
  • Trade fair preparation, implementation and follow-up
  • Research of potential new customers and/or partners
  • Promotional marketing activities (e.g. advertisement placement, press releases, mailings)
  • Further service

For Overseas Investors

Following are the plan for Overseas Investors

  • We provide information about markets and industry trends in the Country or regions, to assist in the development of investment plans, strategies or objectives.
  • We can make introductions to potential international partners, buyers and other in-market contacts.
  • We supply referrals to service providers who can give you specialist advice, such as lawyers, business advisers and investment promotion agencies.
  • We can advise about the process of establishing your office/business in Pakistan.
  • We offer ongoing support, including help in identifying market opportunities, tendering for projects and promoting the business in the market.

Key Services

  • Develop and manage a portfolio of prospects and market intelligence from a variety of sources such as industry journals, trade events and client meetings
  • Follow up on existing leads
  • Meetings with existing or potential customers/distributors
  • Develop and grow a network of contacts and relationships with appropriate industry organizations
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